GPS monitoring

Gain a perfect overview of the movement and state of your vehicles and boats


GPS security for vehicles

Get an overview of your vehicle and its driver, and do not be afraid to park your car in unsecured areas.

With our localization unit ETLOC-30 S you always know the exact position of your vehicle. In case of theft you can immediately send the police to the current location of the thief and your stolen car.

No monthly fees required.

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GPS security for boats

Track the status and location of your boat conveniently through your mobile phone.

With our solution ETLOC-30 BOAT use a simple command to build an imaginary fence around your ship with one SMS. In case the boat leaves this area you will be immediately notified by a warning SMS.

Simple operation and no monthly fees.

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Online monitoring system for vehicles

Online monitoring system SATMAPS, along with on-board unit ETLOC-30 GPRS, will help you keep fuel costs under control. It doesn’t matter whether you have one or hundreds of vehicles.

Check the movement of vehicles in real time as well as from the records and finally say STOP to dishonest employees.

For the operation of the SATMAPS system we charge one of the lowest fees in Europe.

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