GPS security for boats

Get comprehensive protection for your boat and keep its position under control all the time
GPS localization tracker and security system for ships - ETLOC-30 BOAT


GPS locator ETLOC-30 BOAT is an advanced security and locating system designed for boats.

The owner locates his boat through mobile phone.
Our mobile application makes control of the device very easy.

In case the boat is stolen the owner immediately receives SMS alert.

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  • Easy control

    Control our device easily using a mobile application (IOS, Android). Or send commands through SMS.

  • No monthly fees required

    Due to direct communication you don’t pay any monthly fees for your boat’s protection to an assistance agency.

  • View boat’s location on the map

    With one click take a look at your boat’s position.

  • Maximum privacy protection

    No one except the owner and authorized persons can locate the boat.

  • GPS boat surveillance

    If your boat is stolen our device immediately alerts you with SMS and phone call.

  • Possibility to connect to an alarm

    In case you connect our unit to an alarm you will always be immediately informed about any threats (e.g. break-in).

  • Possibility to connect an external backup battery

    You can locate your boat for the next 48 hours after a thief disconnects the main battery.

  • Remote control of appliances on your boat

    Integrated relay allows you to remotely control various devices on your boat.

  • Small dimensions

    You can hide our unit in your boat perfectly due to its small dimensions. Thieves won’t even suspect, that you can locate them.

  • Low power consumption

    The unit has low energy demands and allows you to activate SLEEP mode with 0 mA consumption.

  • Easy installation into a boat

    Installation does not require difficult connections into the wiring.

  • Mobile application for GPS localization tracker and security system for ships - ETLOC-30 BOAT

    Technical specifications

    GSM Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
    – Class 4(2W @ GSM850/900MHz)
    – Class 1(1W @ GSM1800/1900MHz)
    Modern integrated GSM antenna 900/1800/1900 MHz
    with a higher sensitivity (optional antenna 850 MHz)
    GPS Receiver 42 channels, L1 C/A code
    Accuracy position < 2.5 m CEP Hot start Ø < 1 s Cold start Ø 30 s
    Power consumption Ready – the device is ON and responds to all SMS commands (GPS protection is OFF) – max. 20mA
    GPS protection – the device is ON and responds to all SMS commands (at least one GPS protection is ON) – max. 40mA
    STAND BY – the device is OFF and does not respond to any SMS commands – 0mA
    Power supply Vehicle onboard power (12V DC)
    Output Switching Relay – the maximum current carrying capacity of the switching relay is 12V DC/5A
    Input Ignition
    External alarm
    Weight and dimensions Low weight – 72g
    Small dimensions 68x20x60 mm
    Operation temperature -40 °C to +85°C
    Certifications EHK-10
    GPS localization tracker and security system for ships - ETLOC-30 BOAT accessories

    Quality guarantee

    We develop and manufacture the unit in Czech Republic. Quality of production and its components is our number 1 priority. Each produced piece undergoes strict quality control. Product is certified in accordance with European Directives.

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