Custom development


Over 20 years of experience in development and manufacture of electronic devices.


We will help you with

Design and manufacture of your new device or modify existing one exactly to your needs.

We will solve your circuit designs, PCB designs, software development and complete production of electronic devices from prototype to the implementation of small or mass production.

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Services we offer:

  • Processing circuit’s design and production documents

  • Design and manufacture of single-layer and multi-layer printed circuit boards.

  • Development of firmware for microprocessors X51, Atmel AVR etc.

  • Production of prototypes and test samples

  • Small series and mass production (SMD or classical lead components)

  • Development of PC software

  • Development of mobile applications for Android and iOS

  • We particularly specialize in:

  • Wireless transmission (GSM)

  • Control and measurement systems (measurement of electrical and non-electrical characteristics)

  • Monitoring and data collection

  • GPS applications

  • Electronic payment systems

  • Do you need custom solution?

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